C J Mason Veterinary Surgery in Bamber Bridge, Preston

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C J Mason Veterinary Surgery

Unit 16, South Preston Office Village
Bamber Bridge, Preston (Lancashire)
01772 335799
25 reviews of C J Mason Veterinary Surgery

I know Chris Mason is a fantastic vet because he saved my German Shepherds life last year, she became very sick really quickly. I took her to see him and he was also baffled by her condition but treated her with such care and compassion and medication that cured her within two weeks. He may not be smarmy or very talkative but I would much prefer a vet that knows what he is doing and is kind to animals than anything else. Read more

1st time to see Mr Mason, thought I'd try as I'd heard good reviews about him, so yes it was cheaper than my normal vets (Pinewood's in Leyland), but he was abrupt and not very caring and I've never seen an injection given so fast and so rough, made me feel sick for the rest of he day, but saying that he did sort out my animals problem, it's up to you but I won't be going back.

Yes he is abrupt but that is who he is as a person, if you truly care about your animals your going to his surgery based on his skills and knowledge not his manner. I have never found him rude, simply to the point. He treats my cats and dog quickly and efficiently is a confident and knowledgable yet compassionate and appropriate manner. He gets straight to the point and doesn't waste time which saves time and money. He has always acted in the best interest of my pets. Having previously been with a vets that takes it's time and chit chats yet makes fatal errors and leaves out the details that are unpleasant but that you need to know in the interest of your pet, I find Chris Mason far more professional. For this reason I will continue going with my pets. Read more

Chris is a no nonsense vet, but he cares about your pet and whats wrong with it, what more do some people want! Stay as you are an excellent vet.

Horrendous. Your pet will die before getting ahold of this vet. 13 times we called today and even more the day before to get our Labrador puppy treated for a chronic ear infection. As this clinic doesn't offer walk-in appointments you would think that someone was on hand to take calls. Couldn't wait any longer as our pup was in a lot of pain. Had to take her to Ribble Vets in Penwortham where her mother is registered and I have to say they are superb, they seen her straight away, gave her the treatment she needed and even called later on to check on her! Read more

My westie had been troubled with skin problems and lost all his hair. He had been treated by our vet for several months and was getting worse and increasingly distressed. I took him to Chris Mason who treated him him with very different medication. Within 6 weeks his coat had grown back and he has now had no skin troubles for over 1 year. We find Chris Mason an excellent vet and can't thank him enough for the way he has treated our dog. Read more

Chris is a fantastic vet and shows nothing but concern and well being for the animal. When you go to the vets, its not for a formal chit chat, its to get your pet seen to and get the care it needs. He can be quick when necessary, but if the animal needs continous care, he more than puts time and effort in with the animal. I had to have my dog put to sleep recently, it was absolutely heart breaking, this man was the best vet and only vet I would take my dog to. The compassion he showed was remarkable. I've visited different vets where one of my dog's has died on the table during treatment, I've been to another vet that smacked my other dog on the nose because it snapped, as the vet hurt her and I've had to take another dog to a vet to be put to sleep, it was given the lethal injection straight away. Chris doesn't do that, he calms the animal with an injection before beeing put to sleep. I really think, that the negative comments he has received is unjust, and those animal owners out there that want small talk, then yes, go to another vet, but I really don't think you will receive the same care for your animal. Read more

I note some people have accused this vet of being rude but my experience of this vet is that he is extremly compassionate and knowledgable. Fitted both our cat and dog in urgently when we were very worried. Charges a very reasonable amount. It must be difficult for vets dealing with upset and distraught owners constantly and what may be seen as rudeness may in fact be a coping mechanism. Long may this vet be practicing. Read more

I have 2 dogs and 4 cats registered with Chris and I would certainly go elsewhere if I didn't like him. I do not find him abrupt rather he just doesn't waste time on smalltalk...he is too busy for that. Just had 1 male and 1 female kitten neutered and microchipped and it cost £93.00.........I would challenge any other vet to do it for that price.

My german sheppard was one of his patients for a couple of years and when he got sick during a bank holiday he was bleeding and was not eating i called but he wouldnt come out 2 him, I was told to give the dog paracetamol... I rang the pdsa and they were wonderful I took him down there and sadly he had to be put to sleep.. as he had cancer I had been to chris a few times and he had fobbed me off saying it was his age as he was 12 yrs old..... I will never take a pet to him again. Read more

I've never found him to be anything other than professional. He's a no nonsense vet and always treats my dogs with kindness and respect. People who would rather go elsewhere and pay more obviously have more money than sense.

We have been going to Chris Mason vets for a few years with our Jack Russell dog, he is an excellent vet and you can see he cares about animals and their wellbeing. He is a lot cheaper than most vets and gives excellent care and advice, lastly our dog loves him, Chris always makes a fuss of her, which she loves (which is important to animals as it makes them feel comfortable). Our family have recommended him to others and will continue. Read more

Quite surprised at the negative reviews on here. We've been using Chris since he first started. His costs are reasonable hence he is VERY busy & lets not forget he isn't here to spend ages chatting to people. He needs to get the job done.

Always found him to be very knowledgeable, professional & upfront without being abrupt or rude. And without the rip off prices.

I have been using Chris for a number of years, hes great with my dog and always willing to see him at short notice. His knowledge of animals and care given by his team is second to none. Never found him abrupt or rude and yes were are in and out but always caring and professional. Would and still do recommend.

I have been taking my dogs to Chris Mason's for a few years. I have always found Chris pleasant (often have a quick chat but do not linger when people are waiting) and good with the dogs.

He does come straight to the point rather than talking round the subject, but will give the facts and answer any questions however daft. He does not waste time when giving injections, but I have never seen any of the dogs show signs of pain or distress from one of his injections and they are always happy to see him.
Read more

Visited Chris Mason with my last cat, both my rabbits and now my two kittens and wouldn't go anywhere else. Definitely knows what he's talking about, very genuine and certainly cares about the pets.

With ref to above review and him giving fast injections, yes he does them fast but in my animals case this proved to be painless and efficient.

I will definitely continue to use and would 100% recommend (and have done many times). Read more

I have to agree with some of the reviews here that say that this vet can be rude and discourteous. We attended the surgery this week for a routine kennel cough vaccine for our dogs, and were spoken to in a very abrupt manner by the vet during the process. He may well be a good vet, but is clearly lacking in people skills. We will be changing to a different vet now.

I am surprised at the bad reviews, I have been twice to have my two rabbits neutered and spayed. I plan on going again next month to have my 3rd rabbit neutered. I left my bunny's with the receptionist who was lovely and very helpful and friendly.

The personal manner of the vet is not always an indication of how well they do their job. My rabbits where very well looked after and the surgery went well and they recovered quickly. I am happy with the level of care my rabbits received. Read more

Brilliant and dedicated vet. Gets the job done quickly and efficiently which is what your pet needs.

I visited Chris Mason with my dog last week despite being told by my mother who had been a few months previous with her 2 dogs, that he wasn't very pleasant. He is obviously very busy and cheaper than any other vet but his manner was very abrupt and rude. I was astounded to be spoken to in this manner by a professional person. I cancelled my follow up appointment and booked else where. I rather pay more and be dealt with in a civil manner. Read more

Having been recommended this vets, I took my dog for her injection there. There were many people in the waiting room which I believe is a good sign. However, I must say I was very disappointed with the vet's attitude. I would agree with other comments and say that he was very abrupt and rude. I believe he is very good at what he does otherwise he wouldn't have so many customers but I also believe customer service is important and for that reason, I will not be returning. Read more

Went along with my little dog after reading the reviews about this Vet on the net. Unfortunately I didn't find the experience as good as I had been expecting. He was so abrupt and rude. I had to visit another vet to sort my dogs problem out.

With a house full of cats (4 + 1 stray that we take responsibility for), Chris has always been the only vet that we truly trust with our felines. After our first cat had to be put to sleep (which happened in the most dignified and thoughtful way), there was no hesitation in registering our two male kittens with him at all. He has shown nothing but genuine interest in our boys, plays with them (one of ours actually likes going to the vets!) and when we acquired our pregnant, malnourished and very poorly girls, Chris was the answer to getting them back on the road to health. Nothing but positive praise for a very busy man, who goes the extra mile for our babies. Cannot understand these negative reviews - Chris probably has a waiting list a mile long and a hell of a lot of animals to be seen weekly. His no nonsense attitude is sometimes a blessing, it certainly has been for us. I would not hesitate in recommending him to any body if they really care about their pet. A genuinely brilliant and dedicated vet. Read more

I agree with some of the other reviews. He comes across as rude and abrasive. He gave my dog tablets that made her worse and didn't bother to tell me about any possible side effects from them. I won't be back. Annoyed is the nicest way to put it!

Cannot fault this vet one bit. I have always had excellent service and care. My dog is a completely different animal after the advise given! Cannot fault him one bit!

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