More than 500 results for Charities
325, Kennington Rd
London SE11 4QH
Ministry of Peace
139, Vauxhall St
London SE11 5LL
Lambeth Mental Health and Disabled People's Action Group
Flat 33, Tomkyns House, Distin St
London SE11 6UL
Kurdish Cultural Centre
14, Stannary St
London SE11 4AA
61, Westbourne Grove
London W2 4UA
Action for Blind People
2-4, Underhill Rd
London SE22 0AH
St. Saviour's College Almshouses
110, Hamilton Rd
London SE27 9SE
Asian Society
5, Hindmans Rd
London SE22 9NF
Access To Art
Kingswood House, Seeley Drive
London SE21 8QR
Emmanuel Youth & Community Centre
94, Clive Rd
London SE21 8BU
The Peckham Society
178, Peckham Rye
London SE22 9QA
Dulwich Islamic Centre
23, North Cross Rd
London SE22 9ET
Dulwich Helpline
Dulwich Community Hospital, East Dulwich Grove
London SE22 8PT
RPS Rainer (Housing)
84, Lordship Lane
London SE22 8HF
Southwark Heritage Association
216, Upland Rd
London SE22 0DH
Newham People First
319, Barking Rd
London E13 8EE
Age Concern Newham
655, Barking Rd
London E13 9EX
Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust
241, Plashet Rd
London E13 0QU
Race Equality in Newham
478, Barking Rd
London E13 8QB
747, Barking Rd
London E13 9ER
National Talking Express
Lawrence Hall Anex, 2-4, Cumberland Rd
London E13 8NH
Gospel Printing Mission
42, Cumberland Rd
London E13 8LQ
Newham Voluntarily Association
Jordan Hall, 2, London Rd
London E13 0DN
Community Links New Deal
776-778, Barking Rd
London E13 9PJ
The Dominica UK Association
627-633, Barking Rd
London E13 9EZ
Beckton Islamic Association
Community Centre, 18, Warwall
London E6 6WG
Newham Talking Newspaper Association
79, Wellington Rd
London E6 2RQ
Royal (BL) German Welfare Council
Flat 4, Russell House, Gillett Avenue
London E6 3AS
Black & Ethnic Minority Community Care Forum
St. Marks Church & Community Centre, Tollgate Rd
London E6 5YA
Sree Narayana Guru Mission
16, Barking Rd
London E6 3BP
Transformation Powerhouse
33, Vicarage Lane
London E6 6DQ
Woodland Centre Trust
7, Hillcroft Rd
London E6 6LW
Beckton Activities Centre
7, Hillcroft Rd
London E6 6LW
British Red Cross Shop
6, London Rd, Forest Hill
London SE23 3HF
Share Community Ltd
64, Altenburg Gardens
London SW11 1JL
The Caroleans Friends of the Chelsea Pensioners
26, Montefiore St
London SW8 3TL
United Amalgamated Fraternal Association
26, Buckmaster Rd
London SW11 1EN
Franco-British Society
2 Dovedale Studios 465, Battersea Park Rd
London SW11 4LR
201-203, Lavender Hill
London SW11 5TB
Oasis Childrens Venture Office
1 Aston House, Wandsworth Ro
London SW8 4ER
The Bob Champion Cancer Trust
6,Old Garden House, The Lanterns,Bridge Lane
London SW11 3AD
Battersea Central Mission
20-22, York Rd
London SW11 3QA
Battersea Summer Scheme
P.O Box 37298
London SW11 4WF
Sir Walter St. Johns Educational Charity
Unit 11, Culvert House, Culvert Rd
London SW11 5DH
Clapham Society
552, Wandsworth Rd
London SW8 3JX
Concern Worldwide
Unit 13/14, Calico House, Clove Hitch Quay
London SW11 3TN
Devas Youth Club
2a, Stormont Rd
London SW11 5EN
Commonwealth Arts and Cultural Foundation Ltd
Tempo House, 15, Falcon Rd
London SW11 2PJ
Right Livelihood Award
42, Warriner Gardens
London SW11 4DU
Ethnic Peoples Disabled Group
10, Wayford St
London SW11 2TR