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Omega Bridal Shop in Southall is not worthy of any stars. These people are all liers and thieves. I went to this shop to buy my Bridal lengha. I paid for the dress in full because the sales lady said it will only take one hour for the alterations which can be done by their in-house tailor. Few minutes after I paid, suddenly everything changed. She told me the tailor is really busy, I need to come back another day to pick the dress up. When I got upset and told them I came from very far away and cannot come back to the shop again they said If i pay for postage £28, then they can post the dress to me in 2 days time. The dress never arrived. When I rang the shop to enquire about the dress, they were always very rude and blamed the courier. I asked for the tracking number but that wasn’t available since it was private courier. After nearly 20 phone calls everyday, for 2 weeks the dress finally arrived by Royal Mail special delivery. I was very relieved until I opened the package. The dress was dirty with lipstick stains, the zips are broken, the length of the lengha has just been cut with scissor and hasn’t been stitched, the lengha is double my size the dress hasn’t been altered to my size at all. They have just sent me some dirty, damaged dress. When I rang them back to complain and asked for refund because they delivered faulty product, the person on the phone started calling me stupid, he said how he’s meant to know if I am size 6 or 8? When I told him that they took my measurements and the dress was meant to be custom made to my size he just laughed and said they don’t give refund because it is custom made dress. This is a joke. I don’t understand how they can get away with this, I wish I knew about the reviews beforehand. My wedding is in 2 weeks time and have no dress. I just want to warn everyone to stay away from this shop.

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS! They won't produce the goods on time and what they try to fog off to you won't be what you ordered. Read the reviews people.

Omega is not worthy of any stars the company takes your money and doesn't deliver on their promise. My order was expected to come a week before the wedding I needed to attend. On the day of my fitting, I attended the shop, only to find out that my suit had not arrived. I was then informed on a number of consecutive days to attend, to find out again and again that my suit was still abroad. The staff did not have any courtesy to inform me the real truth, that my order had been delayed, instead they all lied. I was left disappointed, I found the staff rude and obnoxious, the owner would not take responsibility and instead referred me to his rude minions. Worse shopping experience ever! Warning to u all!!!

Agree with all the other reviews. I don't normally complain but the service was so bad I'm pushed to write about it so other people don't go through the same ordeal that I went through! they started of very helpful until the date of collection! My lengha never arrived! The small minded owner and his staff and his daughter are not capable of running a business! They lied and lied until I lost my patience and then they became very rude! They think it is funny when you need something on time! 6 times the gave me a "100% guarantee" my lengha would be here but each time another lie! Not one of them from the staff to the owner had the integrity to apologies or tell me that they messed up big time!!! Never again!

Shocking service. I ordered a lengha well in advance thinking it would leave enough time for them to get the outfit ready in time. I have had to make 4 useless trips to the shop before I had my lengha which was ready 4 months after the collection date I was given at the time of ordering. (The whole process from date of order to collection date took 6 months). The first time I went to collect the outfit the whole order was wrong, I had asked for a colour change which I chose from their colour chart, the sleeves were also not how I had stated on the order. The second time I went to collect it they had changed to colour but to a totally different colour, and when I told them this isn't the colour I had initially chosen they started to argue with me telling me I was wrong until I pulled out the receipt to show them the colour code they wrote themselves - the sleeves were still wrong at this time. The third time I went to pick up the outfit they had changed to colour of the blouse and NOT the Lengha?! Who does that? And when we told them this is wrong the salesman kept laughing and someone who I think is the owner joined in and started having an argument saying it isn't worth the hassle as it is only a 'small' error and that he'd rather give me a refund on the deposit to get rid of us rather than sorting out their own mistake! After more hassle a salesman said to come back and collect it within a week. And of course it wasn't ready within the week. When it was finally ready I had asked for a discount because of the hassle I had gone through to even get this order, they were not agreeing and telling me "money isn't everything". When I said I will not pay in full the salesman became moody and walked away the lady who put the sale through became moody too. I didn't care it, at the end of the day none of it was my fault but they were all acting like it was. They have a VERY rude and 'not bothered' attitude and they totally lack in customer service. Do not waste your time and money at this place especially if you have a specific date you need your order by. Definitely wouldn't recommend - it's easier to fly to India and get an outfit made rather than coming to this place.

Sweet before they have your money in their hand. Following the exchange of money, the shop keeper will ignore your calls and constantly give you false information on length of time taken for your dress. He told me 6 weeks, came in 10 weeks. Even then their were numerous faults which he would not be held accountable for. HE WILL NOT refund a penny of your money, regardless of fault or the stress he causes.

WARNING! - do your research before your shop here. You will find numerous other disappointed customers. He is cheaper than competitors for a reason, he does not get many customers.

Would not wish this service on my worst enemy. Sizes will be wrong, he will blame you.... will arrive very late, he will blame courier and show you in states it in the terms and conditions.

Overall a horrific experience.. All the dresses were late, wrong sizes, differed from how he described them and no refund or exchange offered.

One of the worst bridal shops ever! stay away! worst customer service! such rude pushy people once you decide on an outfit from their shop they dont care how you want it etc. rip offs too. was so rude on phone when I enquired about dress and was told iv wasted their time just because i paid another visit to shop to change something on my dress and I had not even paid my deposit by then!!

I dont know if these people are racist or just dont have any manners. I'm so glad I cancelled my order because they just caused me more stress. their assistants are just as bad and rude.she didnt want to listen to how I wanted the dress and were rushing me on everything when there was no customer in shop. They didn't even rewrite it on order form and wrote everything wrong. She walked away from me just because I said I'm not fond of a certain type of material and she rolled her eyes, would expect a better attitude from a muslim. I didn't get my deposit back but was told I can choose something else from their store but that loss of money was worth every penny for not ordering their dress, anyway wasnt even that bridal, would have been wrong and not on time.
Not nice people!!! Do not buy from here theyr ony nice to you first visit and dont care about any after sales service. wouldnt even rate this shop thats how bad it is. have to leave one star because doesnt let u publish the review, its worth nothing.

Do not buy from this company! uncooperative, deceitful and rude. Laughed at me down the phone! refused to refund. Very poor tailoring, poor service and bad attitude.
Once they have your money they treat you with utter disrespect! The outfit was for a wedding, it was not ready on time and there were so many beads and stones/gems missing, there were reddish stains all over a the beautiful yellow material, ruined!
Holes in the material and the material had been caught on something sharp as there are pull marks and tiny holes in the material! Disgraceful! Please save yourself the hassle and buy elsewhere. I am luckily getting help from the credit card company but others may not be so lucky! In the UK consumers have the law on their side! For those that have been let down by the company, contact citizens advice or your credit card. Awful that people run a business like this!

I have ever had to go through. We are currently shopping for a family wedding abroad and ordered a Salwar Kameez from Omega. Not only was the goods not delivered on time, the tall man that works there gave so much attitude on the phone when I enquired into why my outfit was delayed.

Not one apology so when I finally went to get it, he shouted at me when he was confronted about his poor service, attitude and rudeness. He snatched my order form and tried to tell me to get out of his shop!

Rubbish, shocking service. Ordered a bridal dress from here which they promised to put finishing touches to before my big day. They did anything but that and instead told me how I could finish it myself. Hardly something a stressed out bride needs 10 days before her own wedding. Only care about taking your money. Definitely not recommended!

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