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Domus & Sons are small rapidly growing building company based in North London we also specialize is many building or refurbishments projects in London for more than 10 years we have technical as well as practical knowledge. We manage all the tradesmen, materials supply in most efficient way - so that any project we undertake is completed on time, budget and to a high quality standard. Many good customers references prove that.
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Please, please, please do not touch this company with a barge pole. Yes there is a reason they are the cheapest...Because they use unskilled labourers to do everything, and I mean everything electrics, plumbing, gas. Do not trust Domus!
His company was employed to build an extension, fit new kitchen and bathroom and repaint the house etc. All electrics where installed in reverse polarity (I.e. Live to neutral, neutral to live), gas leak, with wrong fitting for cooker, house sewage going in to rainwater pipes and vice versa, old sewage pipes left still attached and uncapped (ohhh the smells and rats) drainage pipes that go uphill, old polyfiller pots used as drain traps. The old electrics, still attached to mains and dumped under the floorboard along with all their rubbish, beers, vodka etc. The extension was not built to specification of our architect or building regs. Lots needed re-doing, roof needed ripping off and completely redone, wooden floor pulled up and redone, decking and garden dug up again to rectify sewage and man hole. Kitchen and bathroom appliances damaged etc. I haven't even mentioned the half of it, but I have all the photos to prove it!
We had 3 electricians who wouldn't even touch the place and a swore that they must have been trying to kill us before eventually getting someone to rewire most of the house and sort out the gas leaks. We needed new builders to sort out extension roof, waste etc. Rogue Traders from hell doesn't even come close to these guys!!! Spent approx. 12k rectifying their work on top of the 10s of k's already paid to them. Live and learn I guess!? -0 Stars.

I have dealt with this company and am VERY regretful of my decision to do so. I found them on gumtree initially, looked them up, saw their website and was given a quote by Sol, the director. They seemed legit and responsible and I went ahead with them as I was in a hurry and had a fixed deadline. Big mistake.

The job was to patch a shower which was leaking into the downstairs ceiling and replace the plasterboard downstairs. Needless to say I was quoted 300 gbp labour. I would have to cover materials and that work would begin the next day. I agreed. On the day work was to begin Sol arrived and informed me that the job would be much bigger. It would be more sensible to install a new bathroom as there was extensive mould etc. I decided to go ahead with them. Bigger Mistake.

To cut a long story short, I should have smelt a rat when I began to receive excuse after excuse and lie after lie. After uninstalling and disassembling my bathroom (so I was stranded and desperate), they took liberty with my time. Scheduled work days never happened from excuses such as "my wife is in hospital and i have to watch the kids" (given at 16.00hours when they were due to arrive at 8.00hours) to "We were in an accident and with the police" yet the van miraculously had no dents. And the pressure to pay was something else.

To cut a long story short, the "new" bathroom is leaking-- Close to £4,000 spent duplicating my original problem. My family's calls are not picked up. And I was foolish enough to have paid them mostly in-full. Steer clear of them! Please don't use.

Lies. Lies and more lies. That's what you'll get if you use this company. Competitive pricing, yes; seemingly good quality build, yes; excellent customer service and follow up on guarantees -NO! New lawn laid on top of old concrete! Electrical installation deemed unsatisfactory. Damage caused to new kitchen appliances because 'the guys' do not read English and so cannot follow installation instructions. We have spent £100s putting right errors before Building Control Cert can be issued. And as a previous reviewer said, eventually Domus will stop responding to texts and calls altogether. Be warned, pay a little more for a more reliable company.

I have dealt with Domus and sons for my extension. The guys was all ways on time. Great service and great team of builders.

Please take our advice and steer clear of Domus & Sons.I too have encountered a horrific experience with this company. Our initial contact was through Gumtree on the 20.11.2013, work began on 2.12.2013, walked off the job on 11.12.2013.
My partner and I encountered a similar experience to the above, Soll never turned up, stated he was in hospital after a car accident and requested prompt payments. Soll and his partner 'Thomas' walked off the job after we confronted him via emails with our concerns. Unfortunately I made the huge mistake of paying for the materials up front, I never received the goods and cost me double in paint and materials. The stress and time that we have spent re-doing their work and finishing the job over Christmas has been unbearable. Our home was left in a state and our pockets empty. Please avoid using Domus & Sons.

Left load of problems as other reviewers say. Don't come back to finish or remediate. Not answering phone emails, just gone being paid. Do not trust by any means these guys you will get in trouble.

I have just found out after spending more then £12000 on my kitchen that they have run the waste from the sink directly into the floor and the water from the sink and the dishwasher are going under my house for the last 6 months. I know have to rip everything up and redo it. Stay away from this builder if you can call him that at all costs.

I have had all the same problems as the reviewer above, I dealt with Domus - please stay clear of this company.

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